Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to get the most out of your subscription.

Subscription Purchase & Accessing the Group Leader Dashboard

This short video is for new Learning Is Created clients and walks you through purchasing your subscription and accessing your Group Leader dashboard.

Enrolling Users Into Your Group

This short video demonstrates two methods of enrolling users to your group.

Removing Users From Your Group

This short video shows you how to remove users from you group. If a user has not started a course, the seat will be made available immediately. If the user has started a course, you will be prompted to download a user report. The user will be removed from you group, and the seat will become available when your subscription renews.

Resetting Course Progress

This short video demonstrates how to reset course progress. Only courses that have been started or completed in the previous subscription cycle are eligible to be reset. Courses started or completed during your current active subscription cycle are not yet eligible to be reset.

Create and Download Group and Course Reports

This short video demonstrates how you can easily track the courses included in your susbscription, including the number of enrolled users, how many learners have started, are in progress, and much more. Course reports provide you with a list of everyone enrolled, their status, grades, and more.

Create and Download User Reports and Provide User Support Via Quiz Review

This short video shows you how to pull individual user reports that include a list of courses the user is enrolled in, the percent complete for each course, completion dates, quiz scores, and more. You will also learn how to provide use support via the quiz review function.

Increase Seats to Your Existing Group

Learn how to add additional seats to your existing group.

Decrease Seats to Your Existing Group

Learn how to decrease the number of seats in an existing group.

Change Your Password

This short video shows you how change your password from your “My Account” page.

Toggle Auto Renew On or Off, Update Your Payment Method, Renew or Cancel Subscription

This short video shows you how to toggle auto renew on or off, update your payment method, renew your subscription, or cancel your subscription.