New Features: Deleting Users and More

I try very hard to implement feedback from both Group Leaders and users. Recently a Group Leader expressed the desire to have more control over deleting users. Getting this type of functionality was a challenge, but one I was up for. I’ve partnered with an incredible developer who has been a blessing.

Here is how deleting users from your Group Leader Dashboard works: users who have not started any courses will be deleted and the seat will be made available immediately, for users who have started courses, you will receive a pop-up box asking if you’ve documented their training. If you click yes, the user will be deleted, and that seat will become available when your subscription renews.

I’ve also updated how additional seats are purchased and automated the process of adding the additional seat(s) to your group. You no longer have to wait for me to add them to your group!

So go start deleting users and buying seats (if you need them) and let me know what you think of the new functionality.

Deleting Users
Increasing Seats to an Exiting Group

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