New York….oh New York

Is anyone watching New York, besides New Yorkers? The Albany Update reports, “Over the past year, the New York State Legislature and Gov. Kathy Hochul have worked together to pass a dizzying array of laws that promote abortion access. From an insurance mandate that requires free abortions to a law designed to harass limited service pregnancy centers to a bevy of policies that promote New York as an abortion destination to a proposed amendment to the New York State Constitution, New York state government has taken nearly every conceivable step to demonstrate its pro-choice bona fides.”

To add to the already staggering number of abortion-related laws, the 2023 budget brings another set of abortion-related bills that will set New York as a prime abortion destination state.

As outlined in the Albany Update:

  • Bill S.4007-B-Budget, Part BBB: The Taxpayer Funding for Out-of-Staters’ Abortions Act, also known as the Reproductive Freedom and Equity Program, is identical to stand-alone Bill S.348-B-Cleare/A.361-A-Gonzalez-Rojas. This bill would create a grant program with a three-part purpose: Increasing access to abortion, paying for abortions for women who cannot afford them, and offering “practical support” to women seeking abortions—including women “traveling to the state” to obtain abortions. The sponsors of this legislation propose to use New Yorkers’ tax dollars to ensure that women—including low-income women and out-of-state women—can obtain abortions here in New York. They also propose to use New Yorkers’ tax dollars to strengthen and expand the abortion industry. These purposes are inappropriate purposes for legislative action.

  • Bill S.4007-B-Budget, Part PP: This legislation, which is identical to stand-alone Bill S.3060-Krueger/A.3279-Epstein, would create a reproductive health and education grant program. The Department of Health would be authorized to issue grants for “clinical training in the performance of abortion and related reproductive health services.” To say the least, training physicians on methods of taking innocent lives would be an irresponsible and inappropriate use of taxpayer funds.

  • Bill S.4007-A-Budget/A.3007-A-Budget, Part V: This bill would allow New York pharmacists to prescribe and order so-called “emergency contraception” for patients without the involvement of a physician. Under this legislation, patients would be required to use a “self-screening tool that will identify patient risk factors” involved in the use of such drugs; no actual medical examination of the patient would be required. “Emergency contraception” pills are capable of ending unborn lives and of causing harm to women. It would be reckless to make these drugs available with no physician involvement.

  • Bill S.4006-B-Budget: This dangerous bill would mandate that every university in the State University of New York (SUNY) system provide pill abortions. Unfortunately, the bill is completely silent about the many negative health consequences that are caused by pill abortions. The bill is also silent about whether student health centers at SUNY schools are prepared to provide medical services to women who experience complications following pill abortions.

It is my hope that by highlighting the events taking place in New York that we as a community will undergird and support the organizations fighting the good fight there in New York.

View the Senate Bill S4007B.
View the article from the Albany Update.

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