Business Associate Subscription

$12.00 / year



Customize the size: Purchase the number of seats needed specifically for your center (minimum purchase – 10 seats). Be sure to purchase enough seats for staff, volunteers, and for future volunteers that will onboard this year.

Manage learners from the group leader dashboard: Invite your learners to your group, monitor activities and progress, and run reports right from your group leader admin dashboard.

Rich interactive courses: Engage your learners with interactive learning activities, and assess retention and application. Developed for busy adult learners.

Train your workforce for $12 per person/year! The courses included in this subscription are:

    • Annual HIPAA Awareness
    • Quarterly HIPAA Security Awareness
    • Texas HB 300

Annual HIPAA Awareness meets HIPAA annual training requirements. The HIPAA Privacy, Security, Breach Notification, and Enforcement Rules are explored. This course provides important information regarding HIPAA, the HITECH Act, and the later Omnibus Rule that enables pregnancy centers to protect and maintain client privacy and confidentiality.

    • Study time: ≈ 30 – 35 minutes
    • Exam: 20 questions

Quarterly HIPAA Security Awareness Training provides quarterly security reminders as described at § 164.308(a)(5)(ii)(A). To ensure the success of your training program, this material is available on the first business day of each quarter. The quarterly distribution is your reminder to complete the training and download your certificate for documentation and record keeping purposes.

    • Study time: ≈ 10 minutes
    • Exam: 3 – 5 questions

Texas HB 300 meets both the 60 day new workforce member and biannual compliance training requirements for Texas HB 300. This course explores the following topics: the expanded definition of a CE that operates or does business in Texas, the broader regulation regarding how CEs handle electronic health records (EHRs), timelier patient access to their ePHI, business associate accountability, civil and criminal penalties, and agencies selected to enforce HB 300.

    • Study time: ≈ 20 minutes
    • Exam: 5 questions

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