This course gives you a sample size idea of the quality training provided at Learning Is Created. The full courses meet OSHA training requirements. OSHA Medical vs. Non-Medical: The difference between the OSHA subscriptions is one course. Medical personnel take Bloodborne Pathogens while non-medical personnel take Infection Control for Non-Medical Personnel.

This demo course is intended to give you an idea of the content available in each of the courses offered in the OSHA Medical and Non-Medical Subscriptions:

  • Bloodborne pathogens (Medical Subscription)
  • Infection Control for Non-Medical Personnel (Non-Medical)
  • Hazard Communication (Medical and Non-Medical subscriptions)
  • Workplace Violence (Medical and Non-Medical subscriptions)
  • Fire Safety in the Workplace (Medical and Non-Medical subscriptions)
  • Ergonomics (Medical and Non-Medical subscriptions)